Meet DOM, Domino’s digital platform of the future. On land, online or in the skies, DOM represents Domino’s commitment to constant innovation - delivering new digital platforms for our customers.



+Domino’s brings Next-generation Machine Learning into stores, with the groundbreaking DOM Pizza Checker

We have been working hard on our biggest quality control innovation ever. Domino's DOM Pizza Checker is all about working with our team members and busy stores to ensure our customers receive pizzas as they should be every time. The new cut bench quality camera unit is an electronic eye that sits above the cut bench and photographs pizzas to check them for quality control. It identifies pizza type, correct toppings, topping distribution, crust type (base) and temperature and reports back in seconds.

Launching in stores in 2019, DOM Pizza Checker is almost like a virtual trainer helping our team members make better pizza for our customers. The transparent technology also provides customers with an image of their pizza on the cut bench, which will appear in real time on the Pizza Tracker page of each customer’s order. As part of this process, customers are notified if their pizza has failed the strong quality testing, resulting in a remake.

Pizza Checker will help to give our customers increased satisfaction and the reassurance their order is in safe hands.

DRU Assist Microsite NZ.png


+Domino’s continues to drive innovation forward with its first Intelligent Assistant: the groundbreaking DOM Assist.

For the first time, our customers will be able to talk, text, interact and order with DOM - inside the Domino’s app and on the web.

Using machine learning and voice recognition technologies, DOM Assist can help our customers order their favourite pizza, customise their order, find their nearest store and receive great offers with a side of his fun, cheeky personality.

DOM Assist will revolutionise the way our customers interact with Domino’s by delivering a fun, convenient and fast ordering service that will expand across more digital platforms into the future.



+ DOM Drone represents an international milestone for autonomous delivery by air, and a watershed moment for the drone delivery industry.

In November 2016, Domino’s proudly and successfully completed the world’s first commercial home delivery of pizza by drone, in Whangaparoa, New Zealand.

This delivery was made possible through partnering with world leaders in drone technology Flirtey, and working closely with the Civil Aviation Authority and other regulatory bodies.

Domino’s plans to continue to trial drone deliveries in New Zealand and work closely with other countries across the Company’s markets to introduce Drone Delivery, providing faster, safer delivery for our customers.

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+ The beginning of the Domino’s DRU journey, the DRU Autonomous Delivery Robot is the start of an exciting new future of safe and efficient delivery.

Developed in partnership with Marathon, DRU is able to navigate from a starting point to his destination autonomously, selecting the best path of travel. His on-board sensors enable him to perceive obstacles along the way and avoid them if necessary

Designed to be friendly, approachable, connected and safe - DRU is the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle and the future of Domino’s delivery.